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Alekton Engineering
Industries Private Limited,
Chennai, India

 The Engineering Software module consists of:
*Graphical And Topological Editor (GATE)
*Drawing conversion

Graphical And Topological Editor (GATE) is a parametric graphics program. GATE permits entry of drawing parameters in a spreadsheet format using constants as well as formulas.

   Numeric data
   HPGL, for plotting
   Data interchange files in DXF format


Drawing Conversion:
Drawing conversion is classified into the following levels:

*Level 1:
Cleaning and modifying a scanned (raster) drawing --- Drawing is returned as a raster image
*Level 2:
Raster image is converted into a vector drawing (typically AutoCAD) --- Drawing will not necessarily be to exact scale
*Level 3:
Raster image is converted into a vector drawing --- Drawing will be to exact scale
*Level 4.1:
Standard parts and all tolerances are modified to match ISO or specified standards
*Level 4.2:
In addition to level 4.1, dimensions are also rationalized to preferred numbers
*Level 5:
A complete product range is designed
Features and dimensions of similar parts of different models or sizes are related by formulas to ensure consistency and freedom from errors



3-D solid modeling and animation from 2-D drawings

Used for:
*Sales presentations
*Training of maintenance personnel