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Alekton CIM Software is a highly CIMcustomized suite of software modules to plan and control a manufacturing operation using data from all its activities.

Normal off-the-shelf software generally confine themselves to “accounting” materials and money. The data is only presented in a form suitable for senior personnel for planning and control.

In a Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, the planning and control functions are also handled by the software. Suitable mathematical and analytical techniques required for the purpose are built into the software.

 Typical Applications 
*Enquiry registration *Machine loading
*Quotation preparation *Bill of Parts creation
*Pricing strategy *Purchase control
*Quotation follow-up *Production control
*Order registration *Assembly Order release
*Production planning *Warranty tracking

*Increases the utilization of the resources
*Supports and engenders decision-making at lower levels in the organization
*Reduces reaction-time by the organization to meet dynamic situations
*Relieves skilled and experienced persons from routine decision-making