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Alekton Engineering
Industries Private Limited,
Chennai, India

 Series   Applications 
*'A'  Pressure lubrication, fuel supply, general transfer
*'AE'  Hydraulic lifts, smooth quiet operation
*'C'  Chemical processing
*'F'  General transfer, hydraulic power for positioning devices
*'ROC'  Chemical processing
*'V'  Transfer of hazardous or toxic liquids
*'Z'  Mixing, transferring, blending and recirculating
*'S'  Food grade liquids
*Asphalt Pump  Asphalt service
*Chocolate Pump  Chocolate service
*3600 - 3700  Mixing, blending, recirculating, transfer
*4600 - 4700  Mixing, blending, recirculating, transfer
*4668 - 4768  Bulk liquid handling
*4669 - 4799  Bulk liquid handling
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