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Alekton Pumps - Series C

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These pumps are designed for handlingAlekton Series C Pumpclear viscous liquids and are suitable for differential pressures up to 16 bars.

The pumping elements comprise
of a power screw and two idler screws, running in a close fitting insert. The idler screws serve to maintain the closed chambers that pump the liquid.

Each screw is provided with a drum so that axial forces are hydraulically balanced. The shaft seal chamber is connected internally to the inlet and the seal is therefore always subjected to inlet pressure only. The inserts, screws and balancing bushes, together with bearing and seals form a replaceable cartridge that is located inside a casing.

Operating Range
 Particulars  Min  Max
 Temperature  -30 °C   130 °C
 Viscosity   0.8 cSt   5 000 cSt
 Inlet Pressure  -0.8 barg   6 barg
 Outlet pressure   0 barg    16 barg
 Flow-rate   5 L/min    1 300 L/min